Mike Annear's interest in 3D computer graphics began when he was employed as an Exhibition designer, using 3D AutoCad in Perth in 1994. This led him to creating broadcast television graphics for the Australian Broadcasting Commission in Sydney.
His work in 3D developed as a modeller for a multimedia company called Microplus in Perth, which went on to become Immersive Technologies, one of the world's largest manufacturers of mining equipment simulators.
Later Mike's role as a Senior 3D Modeller for Technical and Further Education's Computer Graphics and Visualisation Centre introduced him to 3D laser scanning, a field he works in today.
He moved to the UK in 2003 to work for the British Transport Research Laboratory in their Investigation and Risk Management section. Mike was using long range 3D Laser scanners to record data from serious vehicle crashes, often working with the British Metropolitan Police who were spearheading laser technology in forensics.

Mike's experience is broad within his area of expertise and in 2005/2006 he produced 3D visualisation graphics and an animated virtual rehearsal of the entire opening ceremony as Senior 3D Designer for the opening Ceremony of the Asian Games in Doha, Qatar.
One of his more unusual projects has been Scanning and 3D modelling of components for the Aussie Invader 5R Land Speed Record Vehicle.

Mike Annear was born and raised in Western Australia, and has lived and worked in most parts of Australia as well as the UK and the Middle East. Early in his career he worked as a commercial diver and commercial photographer.

He also has a keen interest in aviation and sailing, with 15 years of experience flying paragliders and now enjoying sailing his F-9AX Trimaran.